About The Partners


Aspen CSG and the Center partner to help community foundations play new and stronger roles building family, community and regional prosperity.

The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group (CSG) connects, motivates and equips local leaders to build more prosperous regions and advance those living on the economic margins. We do so by designing and facilitating action-inducing peer learning activities among community leaders, providing strategic guidance to sharpen focus and strategy, building networks to spread good ideas, and producing tools, frameworks, analysis and stories to help local leaders advance families and economies. Our key focus areas include regional wealth building, family economic success and community development philanthropy. For more information about Aspen CSG, call (202) 736-5848 or visit http://www.aspencsg.org.

The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship helps community leaders build a prosperous future by supporting and empowering business, social and civic entrepreneurs. With our roots and hearts in rural America, we help communities of all sizes and interests by bringing empowering research together with effective community engagement to advance community-driven strategies for prosperity. Our focus areas include entrepreneurial communities, new generation partnerships and community development philanthropy. We work to empower community leaders to find their own answers to the economic development challenges and opportunities they face. For more information about the Center, call (402) 323-7336 or visit http://www.energizingentrepreneurs.org.