Feeding Families, Building Communities, Growing Economies

A story from the Vermont Community Foundation. Fresh, local food is all the rage – and rightly so. Farmers markets are on the rise – up 180 percent between 2006 and 2014 – as are food hubs, enterprises that aggregate locally sourced food to meet wholesale, retail, and institutional demand. Despite these trends, affordable, healthy food […]

New Orleans Works: Equipping and Matching Job Seekers with the Health Care Jobs in Demand

When you think of New Orleans’s economy, you might think of tourism, oil and gas, logistics. But like many places in the United States, there is a large and growing healthcare industry that is in desperate need of trained employees. The Greater New Orleans Foundation sees the growth of healthcare as an important opportunity for […]

Invest for Impact? Lend to Local Nonprofits

A story from Marin Community Foundation. Most place-rooted foundations use only their grantmaking to help local nonprofit programs and organizations do their critical work in the community. Not the  Marin Community Foundation. Recognizing that short-term grants may not be the best tool to help bring about change on a long-term issue, MCF is now also providing loans and […]

The Tribune Building: Changing Local Development Culture and Results through Participation

A story from Incourage Community Foundation. In a region coming back from staggering job loss, this innovative foundation is using its purchase and redevelopment of the town’s former newspaper building to engage of hundreds of citizens and catalyze a turnaround in the local thinking about what “development” really is – and how to do it. […]

Matching Entrepreneurs with Mountaintop Money and Mentors

A story from the Telluride Community Foundation (CO). The Telluride Foundation, started in 2000, is not your “grandmother’s community foundation” as Paul Major, President and CEO, will tell you. Located in the majestic San Juan Mountains, the foundation believes that the best way to improve the quality of life in the region, now and in the […]

Finding the Niche: Filling Demand for Skilled Green Stormwater Management Workers

A story from the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. After identifying a market opportunity with significant demand in the DC region – green stormwater management – this foundation is fostering private-public partnerships that are now establishing a business that will soon employ low-income residents in a transitioning neighborhood. Presented by Angela Jones Hackley, Interim President, […]

Keep It Growing: Using Farmland Donations to Generate Local Farm Businesses and Investments – Forever

A story from the Southwest Initiative Foundation (MN). This innovative foundation developed the Keep It Growing farmland-giving program to keep land locally owned and in production and to offer young farm families a start – while offering charitable benefits to the donors and producing rental income the foundation uses to do even more good. Presented by Diana […]

Atlanta Lettuce Works: Growing In-Demand Greens, Jobs and Businesses Right in the Neighborhood

A story from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (GA). After learning that area hospitals and colleges were buying 90% of their lettuce out of state, CFGA initiated Atlanta Lettuce Works – a greenhouse co-op in downtown Atlanta that will grow hydroponic lettuce and employ 40 resident-owners from poor neighborhoods in sustainable living wage jobs. Presented […]

Keep It Local: Transitioning Local Businesses to New Local Owners

A story from Communities Unlimited (AR). Communities Unlimited is helping owners who are selling their small businesses “Keep It Local” by securing gap financing and technical assistance to help transition the firm to people in the region – many of them low-resourced – who become successful new local owners. Talk about a potential impact investment! Presented […]

Free for All: A Community College Tuition Guarantee for Every High School Graduate – in 17 Counties

A story from CREATE Community Foundation (MS). In Northeast Mississippi, the state’s oldest community foundation, the Create Foundation, saw the connection between a lack of educational attainment and low incomes for families in its 17-county region. It was evident in how the region lagged behind both the state and the nation. Given its focus on regional […]