The Tribune Building: Changing Local Development Culture and Results through Participation

A story from Incourage Community Foundation. In a region coming back from staggering job loss, this innovative foundation is using its purchase and redevelopment of the town’s former newspaper building to engage of hundreds of citizens and catalyze a turnaround in the local thinking about what “development” really is – and how to do it. […]

Keep It Growing: Using Farmland Donations to Generate Local Farm Businesses and Investments – Forever

A story from the Southwest Initiative Foundation (MN). This innovative foundation developed the Keep It Growing farmland-giving program to keep land locally owned and in production and to offer young farm families a start – while offering charitable benefits to the donors and producing rental income the foundation uses to do even more good. Presented by Diana […]

From Analysis to Priorities to Results: A Regional FES Action Partnership

A story from West Central Initiative. Ten years ago, West Central Initiative (MN) used the FES framework to assemble a network of key social service, economic development, business and civic organizations across its region to examine what was hindering poor families from getting ahead, set action priorities together, and then craft program responses that are building family […]

First Homes: Creating Permanent, Affordable Quality Workforce Housing in a Tight Housing Market

A story from the Rochester Area Foundation (MN). Over the past 15 years, the Rochester Area Foundation has generated hundreds of affordable housing options for workers on the lower career (and income) rungs in the region’s growing health care and hospitality industries by creating a dispersed Community Land Trust, assembling lending partners and down payment […]